Livestream production. Melbourne + beyond. 

Go live without the stress.


We know your runsheet better than you do. We deliver livestreams, webinars, and live events for maximum audience reach and engagement.


  • In person, virtual or hybrid events.
  • any scale and budget
  • broadcast to any channel – YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website or an event site from us.

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We pride ourselves on producing  smooth, stable, engaging and memorable events. 

Build the hype. Send the takeaways.

We’ve got your pre-event social content covered with branded elevator pitch videos from your presenters. And afterwards? We’ll package those gold nugget moments into shareable videos for you.

Maximum eyeballs + the data you need.

So you had heaps of viewers – wow! But who were they? Go live to one of our recommended webinar platforms to capture those leads. 





Zoom, Teams, meeting apps

Webinar platform

Your website

There’s nothing quite like ‘live’

When that red light goes on, we hang on your every word, note, double-twisting somersault or whatever it is that you’re doing, to deliver it to your audience with clarity.

Whether you’re in a studio or performance space, your living room or even in a park – we’ll let your audience share the moment with you. Broadcasting to 10 or 10,000 or more? We can help with that.  

Stream to any popular platform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, your own website, or to your favourite calling platform such as Zoom or Skype.

We’ll stream your…


wedding · corporate event · concert · church service · award ceremony · funeral · podcast recording · community event · sports match · gig · solo performance · dance recital · product announcement · interview · party · webinar

…or whatever you want, really!

Livestreaming made simple

We’ve got you covered with up three full HD cameras, a feed from your laptop, on screen graphics and crystal clear audio.

We use bonded internet – tying together multiple internet connections to keep that stream flowing smoothly.

Our standard setup is compact and nimble but packs a punch. This means we can provide you with an outstanding livestream at a great price.

We bring together years of experience in filmmaking, events, music and theatre production, to help you connect with your audience. For us, going live is as much of a creative endeavour as it is a technical one. We take pride in delivering a production that ‘stays out of the way’ – giving people a great viewing experience that keeps the focus on you. 

Lachlan & Alison Outhred

Streamfeeder Films Founders & Operators

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